Motherhood – Part 1: Having It All

8 thoughts on “Motherhood – Part 1: Having It All”

  1. Once again your beautiful prose and pictures tug at my heart. I became a mother at the age of 30… five years after my mother started asking me if I was EVER going to settle down and have babies. My two are now 23 and 16, and I contend that parenthood has been my saving grace. I became a better person when I became a parent, and it’s shaped my life in ways big and small every day since I found I was pregnant.

    Thank you for these views into your experience, Kelsey. They are gorgeous and thought provoking and touching. You are quite the woman. I am happy to say that I knew you when. And also that I saw such tremendous potential in you. I wasn’t sure what you were going to do, but I knew it would be tremendous. And it is.


    1. Dana. This comment lifted me up in a dozen ways. Thank you so much for reading. I’m so lucky to know you too, and to have met you during such formative years. I still think of the Panera days as some of the most fun and fond memories I have in my teen years. Thank YOU for your perspective on what was a huge topic for me to broach, given that I know nothing of parenthood. I hope you keep reading and that we can look forward to many exchanges like this in the future 🙂


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