PST: A Day in the Life

2 thoughts on “PST: A Day in the Life”

  1. Thank you for sharing your story! I’m invited to serve for Cambodia ’17-’19 as a Health extension volunteer as well! I’ve been thinking about my packing list. I read that females can wear pants at the health clinics, and I’m wondering if scrubs would be acceptable to wear? (Currently, I’m a nurse and have a never-ending supply of them)


    1. Hi, Sandi! Thank you so Mach for reading. I should disclaim that everyone’s experience will be different and his post was mainly intended for laughs. However, you’re question is a good one! At most health centers, its best to dress as the other staff members do. I wore skirts and nice shirts for the first few weeks, but the staff eventually talked me into wearing more comfy clothes and they gave me a few huge scrubs shirts of my own. The problem is that I have no idea what your HC will be like! Honestly, I’m a huge proponent of packing light as you can get almost everything you need here. If I were to give you a hard answer, I’d recommend bringing no more than two pairs of scrubs with you, especially if they are comfy. Does this help? I hope so! Don’t hesitate with more questions if you have them 🙂


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