K10 PST: Week 4

8 thoughts on “K10 PST: Week 4”

      1. Ellen and my son Jon were fellow journalists in Baghdad with the Washington Post – Ellen was his boss there. During Thanksgiving when they all returned to the States many of the Baghdad WP office staff came here (Vermont) to reunion and celebrate TG with us.
        My wife and I were in secondary education in upcountry (Kenema) Sierra Leone. We taught at a new women’s secondary school there. She taught history and English, and I taught Science, Math, and was a phys ed teacher as well as track and also netball coach.
        And yes – Ellen is the coolest
        sierraleoneii1968-70.blogspot.com – my memories of that time, a bit disjoint – I sited this before I think


      2. Chad, I really enjoy your photos from your service. You captured what looks like the personality of your community and it inspires me to do the same. What was your most triumphant moment during service? What was your most defeating? For what are you most proud of yourself about your service? Is there anything you would have done differently?

        Thank you for sharing your photos. They remind me once again how lucky I am to be a part of something much greater than my experience alone.


  1. I’ll have to think a bit about your questions – just got back on your site – I’ve been away…..thanks for your kind words

    Most Trumphant Moment: We taught at a new upcountry secondary school for girls – the very first in our area. In our first year we had 24 students from many different ethnic groups within the country. Perhaps our biggest triumph came much later when we learned that a number of the kids that we had started on their educational road had become leaders of the country both in education and in other leadership positions.
    My wife and I were married two weeks before we left for the Peace Corps. We were both very pleased with learning to live in a very different culture. We learned so much.

    Most Defeating: (1) When I had to helplessly watch one of our very brightest students die in sickle cell crisis. (2) When a close friend of our was killed by a snake while brushing his farm. (3) When one night I had to fight off a thief in our bedroom. Although defeating I guess – they all led to growth and learning. (4) When I came down with malaria and dysentery but was unreachable due to the rains …my neighbors came to my aid with local meds – – very touching…

    Proud of: How much I learned about myself and about others; how close my wife and I grew during our service; how much these years were to my later life – – my teaching – – the friends I made. Proud of my work during holiday summers at Masanga Leprasarium. Proud that I studied and learned two languages

    Differently: I might have opted for an even more rural setting then where we were…. I think I also would have been good at Community Development


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