It’s about that time.

10 thoughts on “It’s about that time.”

  1. “the whole ridiculous, dry-humored lot of them” is a pretty good description of the Cecil wing of the Callarman family as well as the GLen wing. Pick out the cleverest cliché (if that’s not an oxymoron) to express my wishes for your next two years.


  2. Thank you, dear cuz. You won our hearts and will win many more out in the world. Steady on.
    Also, aren’t those nice raised bed and trellis in the first photo? Someone must be really good with a power drill.

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  3. Having you in Ashland this week has been the best. Go learn how to cook Cambodian food so you can cook at my future B&B!! Be safe, take photos, blog tons and then come home already!!!
    Soul mama, Aunt Lisa


  4. Kels, I am so honoured to be in your blog! It made me laugh and cry at once. I miss you tremendously. Come back.


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